People Are Your Greatest Asset

But will they be there when you need them most?

Despite the growing dependence on technology, every business relies on people to make sales, provide customer support, operate that technology, and generally keep the doors open.  At time of disaster people become even more because the computers are down, customers are worried, and human decisions must be made.

Tech Valley Continuity is pleased to offer a “People Continuity Program” that is designed to ensure your people are available when bad things happen to your company.  As part of this program:

A consultant will meet with Human Resources and the Business Continuity Planning Team to discuss:

  • Challenges employees may encounter during a crisis
  • Various threats and their associated risks relative to absenteeism at time of disaster
  • Disaster scenarios and how well prepared you are
  • Relevant HR policies and continuity plans
  • Document areas of strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Recommend Mitigation Strategies
  • Working from home considerations
  • Preparing homes and the workplace for sheltering in place

Watch this short Youtube video to see how Tech Valley Continuity can help protect your organization:

Then visit Tech Valley Continuity’s Website

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