Weekly Summary of Events

FreeCommercial_TornadoAs the world continues to get smaller, it is important to know of events that can impact your customers, your supply chain, and remote offices.  It is also important to note that if it can happen to the “other guy” it can also happen to you.

Tech Valley Continuity uses Google Alerts (http://google.com/alerts) to search the web for natural and man-made events.  Hundreds of alerts are generated each week, and this blog is designed to highlight some of the more impactful.  The key to surviving a disaster is to be prepared – before the event – so you can be ready when it happens.  Whether that event is a 7.8 earthquake, Superstorm Sandy, or terrorist activity – proper planning will help to reduce the impact and provide a greater chance for a full recovery.

When preparing your organization for a natural event make sure you can answer the following questions:

  • People:  Are they protected, can they work when you need them to
  • Facilities:  Where will your staff work if your building is unavailable
  • Resources:  Does your staff have the equipment and documents necessary to do their job in a timely and efficient manner
  • Communications:  How will you ensure customers, employees, and stakeholders get the right information at the right time
  • Communications:  Will customers / stakeholders get a ring-no-answer, voice mail, and how do they reach a person

Links to Weekly Summaries for period beginning:
May 5, 2016:     Natural Events & Fires       Cyber Security / Data Breach
April 28, 2016: Natural Events & Fires       Cyber Security / Data Breach
April 21, 2016: Natural Events & Fires       Cyber Security / Data Breach
April 14, 2016: Natural Events & Fires & Cyber Security

For more information and to see how Tech Valley Continuity can help you prepare for a crisis, please visit the website at:


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