Events – Week Ending Dec 12, 2009

12/11/09 Green Island without power for almost 3 hours

Full Story: Troy Record – Troy NY

When a municipality loses power, it closes schools, government offices and local businesses. It typically means traffic lights are inoperable leading to traffic jams and accidents. The effect on a business can include:
– Loss of computers
– Alarm system failures
– Loss of phones
– Employees leaving early resulting in lost sales and lower productivity

When the power is restored, there is the additional risk of a power surge
damaging sensitive electronics.

Review your continuity plan.  If it doesn’t adequately address loss of
power and it’s implication to your bottom line, then you should make that a
priority during your next review.

12/9/09 Student Opens Fire in Virginia Classroom

Full Story:


When violence breaks out in a classroom or any place of business, the
ramifications are both immediate and long term.  Initially the facility
will be closed for hours, days or even weeks depending upon the nature and
extent of the violence.  Just as significant is the long term impact it has
on your employees and the willingness for customers to go to that facility.
Your employees will need counseling to help them handle the shock and horror of
what they have just witnessed.  They will need to learn to trust people all
over again, because ever person who walks through the door could be another
shooter.  Since it will be a crime scene, the police will prohibit use of
the facilities until all evidence has been identified and catalogued.
There will then be the need for cleanup and repairs, since you need to remove
all visual reminders of the incident.

To help address this kind of a crisis, each plan should include alternate
work facilities – a place where workers can continue to do their jobs – as
quickly as possible.  Your staff needs this to help them cope and move on,
but your businesses needs it to help protect the bottom line.

Businesses will also need to develop a good public relations campaign to
restore confidence and trust in your business.  This is important while you
are still making the evening news, but also in the long run.  Remember, if
your customers are not working with you, they are working with your competition.

12/9/09 Blizzard in the Northwest

Full Story: NY Times

It happens every winter, snow and ice disrupt daily lives.  Even in
those areas where snow is a regular occurrence and easily handled, the impact
can be significant.  Power and phone lines go down.  Schools are
closed.  People can’t get to work.  Goods and services cannot be
delivered to those folks who are in operation.  Business can stop for the
24 – 48 hours it takes to restore the normal infrastructure.

To handle these situations, existing and well rehearsed plans are critical.
If you have an existing work from home (telework) strategy, that includes
computers and phone coverage, then many businesses can continue some level of
operation.  If you can have an extra couple of days of inventory, then you
can buffer the impact of closed roads.  Preplanning is important to
properly handle conditions like these.

If you are tired of losing money when something foolish happens, or you are
looking to improve your existing business continuity or disaster recovery plans,
then contact
Tech Valley Continuity and you will be one step closer to protecting your
bottom line.

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