Events – Week Ending Dec 19, 2009

Main break again floods Baltimore streets

Click Here for Full Story from MSNBC

It’s not the kind of thing you would normally think of as a “disaster”, but if the first floor of your office was under thousands of gallons of water you might think otherwise.  The power would be shut off, so there would be no computers and probably know phone.  If the damage is extensive enough, the floor would need repair, carpet replaced, and let’s not forget about mold remediation.  Also, if the water was going to be off for an extended period, there would be no fire suppression or toilet facilities forcing building evacuation.  This really would be a time when having a good computer backup with alternate data and people recovery centers would be invaluable.

11 Baby Deaths Linked to Defective Simplicity Cribs

Click Here for Full Story from Fox News

Product recalls, a big concern for any manufacturer or retailer.  When dealing with human life – especially that of an infant – the stakes are even higher.  The impact on cash flow, reputation, production schedules, and distributors can be staggering.  It can literally destroy a company, especially when you consider that this is something people will never forget.  People still talk about Tylenol product tampering, and they handled it properly.  In addition to having enough cash reserves to absorb the hit, you need to have a good public relations program in place that will silence gossipers and fear mongers.  If Tiger Woods handled things as a businessman, there would be far fewer jokes and he’d be playing golf this spring.  Simplicity has the same challenge.

Storms Flood Fla., Mid-Atlantic Braces for Heavy Snow

Click Here for Full Story from Fox News

The “storm of the century”.  50 million people impacted.  The entire East Coast shut down.  Practically every company in the U.S. was impacted by either delayed sales, travel disruptions, facilities shut down, supply chains delayed, power outages… the list is extensive.  When power is restored there will be computer problems – hardware failures compounded by database corruption.  In the South, the snow will melt quickly which will lead to flooding.  Protecting your computers, your power supply, telephones and workspace are all indicated here.  Insurance policies may need to be reviewed before the next storm.  Unlike lightening that “never strikes the same spot twice” (yes it does), storms like this will – every year.  Maybe not this large in size, but definitely in the impact for those areas that do get hit.

If you are tired of losing money when something foolish happens, or you are looking to improve your existing business continuity or disaster recovery plans, then contact Tech Valley Continuity and you will be one step closer to protecting your bottom line.   It’s our job to turn potential disasters into an annoyance™.  Find us on the web at

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