Tips and Information for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planners


Tech Valley Continuity LLC works with companies of all sizes and industries to help them turn potential disasters into an annoyance®.  This is accomplished by helping them identify those events that threaten their future, and then prepare and implement solutions that can either prevent the event or mitigate the impact of that event.

One of the primary missions of Tech Valley Continuity is to raise the awareness around contingency planning and to educate organizations on actions they can take – before an event occurs – so that when an unplanned disruption of daily operations occurs – they will be in a better position to recover.  That is the purpose of this blog – to educate and raise awareness.

To pay the bills some of the services offered include:

  • Review of existing plans for workability, regulatory compliance, and currency of information
  • Risk Assessments and Business Impact Analysis to identify what can go wrong, where will it hurt, and how much harm can occur
  • Research, design, development, and implementation of documented plans and procedures that are effective before – during – after an event occurs
  • Facilitate tabletop and functional exercises to help with plan maturity and identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Programs designed to protect company and employee interests at time of disaster

Alliances have also been created with world-class service providers for:

  • Alternate data backup and recovery facilities
  • Alternate work facilities either on premise or at a remote brick-and-mortar facility
  • Mass notification services to employees, customers and, other stakeholders
  • Alternate telecommunications to protect data and voice traffic
  • I.T. security policies and procedures
  • Web-based software to store plans and access from anywhere internet is available

Geoff Turner, is the president and has been a Certified Business Continuity Professional since 1997 and a computer professional since 1980.  Much of the information you find here is the result of his experience.  In 2006 the company he worked for experienced a fire that had them working under the Operational Business Continuity Plan and the Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan for six (6) weeks.  Lessons learned from that adventure are also included here.

Please review the articles and information on this blog.  If you need help developing or maturing your plans, you can find us on the web at or E-mail: